NAFEMS-Inria Technology Day: Registration



Schedule: 14th September 2021 starting at 1:30 pm CET

1:30 pm Welcoming: when NAFEMS meets Inria open-source technologies
1:45 pm From Bayesian inference to neural network, how data-driven simulation can be used in surgery Stéphane Cotin (Inria)
2:00 pm Control and design of the new generation of anisotropic soft-robots Christian Duriez (Inria)
2:15 pm SimCardioTest project: design of predictive tools in cardiac pathologies for testing medicines and medical devices Maxime Sermesant (Inria)
2:30 pm
Meet with the speakers online – Break
Software platforms
2:45 pm MedInria: the open-source solution for medical image processing Florent Leray (Inria)
3:00 pm SOFA: the open-source solution for collaborations, prototyping and innovation in simulation Hugo Talbot (Inria)
3:15 pm Pinocchio: A platform for rigid multi-body dynamics in C++ and Python Justin Carpentier (Inria)
3:30 pm
Meet with the speakers online – Break
Industrial applications
3:45 pm Oticon Medical: Numerical simulation for implant testing in EES Yinoussa Adagolodjo (Research Engineer)
4:00 pm PrediSurge: Simulation of blood flow to better design and implant cardiovascular devices David Perrin (Co-Founder & CEO PrediSurge)
4:15 pm
Meet with the speakers online – Break
4:30 pm Pitch your project: short presentations
4:45 pm Keynote: Digitalization of Healthcare: how academics, regulators and industrialists are joining forces with patients, clinicians and policy makers to deploy in silico medicine as an impactful solution for all Thierry Marchal (Avicenna)

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