SOFA Week 2018

1st International SOFA Week

Designed to meet all your expectations, a new open & free SOFA event has been designed : the 1st International SOFA Week. The SOFA week would take place:

  • from the 5th to the 9th of November 2018
  • in Strasbourg (France)

The objective of this event is to gather the entire SOFA community (from the starting SOFA user up to the expert developer), discover about the latest research and industrial projects and meet companies of the SOFA ecosystem. To be effective and productive, the week will be divided as follows:

Day 1

SOFA training session – 5th Nov 2018

To start the SOFA week, a training session is organized in order to introduce new users to SOFA (its community, the open-source code and examples of applications), to provide the theoretical backgrounds on physics simulation, to finally work on both user and developer tutorials.

  • Early-bird (before 15th September) : 500€ / pers. (excl-tax)
  • Regular fare : 700€ / pers. (excl-tax)

Training registration
Day 2

International SOFA Symposium (free) – 6th Nov 2018

The Symposium will focus on research and scientific achievements based on SOFA. This symposium would allow international researchers from the SOFA community to present their scientific work, their plugins and propose live demonstrations. It would also be the opportunity to meet the community, create collaborations and meet the SOFA industrial partners.

Open and free, you can participate to the SOFA Symposium by contacting us and electronically submitting a 1-page abstract (LNCS style).

I want to be part of this Symposium!
Day 3

SOFA plugin session – 7th Nov 2018

Further to the Symposium, an advanced training sessions is proposed to discover and understand specific open-source SOFA plugins. More precisely, this session aims at providing a specific insight in the SoftRobot plugin and the Model Reduction plugin, two recent and state-of-the-art work for robotics and efficient computations.

The plugin session would be planed for about 2 hours with an expert researcher of the community and its cost amounts to 300€ per person.

Plugin training registration
Days 3-5

6th SOFA Technical Committee (free) – 7-9th Nov 2018

This Committee focuses on technical discussions and decisions on current and future developments in SOFA in order to define the roadmap of the next release. With the Technical Members of the consortium, the technical roadmap of the upcoming releases is thus defined. It is also the opportunity to meet the SOFA dev community and code all together!

Open and free for all SOFA developers willing to get closer to the community.

I want to hear about SOFA developments!

SOFA Training Session

Day: 05th November 2018
Location: IHU Strasbourg (Room debrief 2, 3rd floor)
Level: Beginner – Medium

This training session aims at providing a wide introduction to SOFA and its community while ensuring the mathematical, physical and computer science backgrounds in order to start in the best conditions with SOFA.

9:30 am – 10:15 am Overview of SOFA and its community
10:15 am -10:30 am Coffee – for a good start!
10:30 am – 11 am Examples of applications with SOFA
11 am – 12 am User Tutorial
12 am – 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Understand physics with SOFA:
from the math to the code
3:30 pm – 4 pm Coffee break
4 pm – 6 pm Developer Tutorial

Training session registration

SOFA Plugin Session

Day: Morning only, 07th November 2018
Location: IHU Strasbourg (Room debrief 2, 3rd floor)
Level: Medium – Advanced

This training session aims at providing an insight on innovative (yet open-source) plugins of SOFA. More precisely, this session aims at providing a hands-on for the SoftRobot plugin and the Model Reduction plugin, two recent and state-of-the-art work for robotics and efficient computations. Binary versions will be distributed.

9 am – 11 am SoftRobot Hands-on
11 am – 12 am Model Reduction Hands-on

Plugin session registration

SOFA Symposium

Day: 06th November 2018
Location: IHU Strasbourg (Meeting room, ground floor)

8:30 am – 9 am
Welcoming coffee
9 am – 10 am Oral presentations “Numerical methods”

  • Przemyslaw Korzeniowski
  • The Toolkit for Illustrations of Procedures in Surgery (TIPS)
    University Florida
  • Meshless and IBM
    Inria, Strasbourg
  • Fast and accurate simulations in SOFA using Model Order Reduction
    Inria, Lille
10 am – 10:30 am
10:30 am – 12 am Oral presentations “SOFA in robotics”

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Inverse models with contacts in SOFA
    Inria, Lille
  • Make a force sensor from a deformable structure
    and a RGBD camera
    Inria, Lille
  • Smoothed Particles for Soft Matter in Robotics and Medicine
  • Robotics with ROS connector
12 am – 2 pm

2 pm – 3 pm

Live demo & industrial session

3 pm – 4 pm Oral presentations “Optimization & estimation”

  • Optimization with Optimus plugin
    Inria, Strasbourg
  • Cell simulation
    Inria, Strasbourg
  • Estimation of FEM parameters in robotic assisted surgery
    University Verona
  • IA with SOFA
    Inria, Strasbourg
4 pm – 4:30 pm
Coffee – Live demos
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Oral presentations “Medical simulation”

  • Distal forearm stability during pro-supination
    for improved surgical planning
    University Innsbruck
  • Data assimilation for catheters
    Inria, Strasbourg
  • Simulation of catheter endovascular navigation
    Fraunhofer IPA
  • Simulation of coronary stent expansion with plastic behaviour
    University Clermont

SOFA Technical Committee

Day: 07-09th November 2018
Location: IHU Strasbourg (Room debrief 2, 3rd floor)

This technical committee is the governance committee related to all technical questions and decisions for SOFA. The event is open and free. However, voting right is restricted to Consortium members.

Day 1 Wednesday 7th November (pm)
2 pm – 2:30 pm Opening STC#6

  • Introduction
  • Explain GitHub issues for coding sprint
  • Present the STC#6 agenda
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm SOFA report

  • Consortium activity
  • SOFA activity
  • Major PRs, important discussions
  • v18.12 status
  • v19.06 roadmap proposal
3:30 pm – 4 pm Coffee break
4 pm – 5 pm Completed/on-going work with SOFA

  • Python bindings v2
  • Data and updates
  • Multithreading
5 pm – 5:30 pm Round the table (plugins, features, …)
5:30 pm – 6 pm Reminder v19.06 roadmap
6 pm End of Day 1

Day 2 Thursday 8th November
9 am – 10 am NG report
10 am – 10:30 am Coffee break
10:30 am – 12:30 am Defining v19.06 roadmap (part1)
12:30 pm – 2 pm Lunch
2 pm – 4 pm Defining v19.06 roadmap (part2)
4 pm – 4:30 pm Coffee break
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Coding sprint

  • Browse GitHub issues labeled “STC#6”
6:30 pm End of Day 2
7:30 pm Restaurant evening

Day 3 Friday 9th November
9 am – 12 am Coding sprint (with coffee)
12:30 pm – 2 pm Pizza delivery
2 pm – 3 pm Validation of technical v19.06 roadmap
4 pm Closing of STC#6


Aichele, Fabian Robotics
Allard, Jeremie InSimo Physics simulation
Bensoussan, Pierre-Jean InSimo Physics simulation
Filipov, Mihail MarionSurgical Haptics design
La, Ryan MarionSurgical VR design
Laan, Dick Van de Velde Design, simulation
Nesme, Matthieu Anatoscope Anatomy Modeling
Pernod, Erik Infinytech3d Physics simulation
Spadoni, Federico Infinytech3d Physics simulation


Abinahed, Julien Lead Researcher (Hamad Medical Corporation) Robotics
Alfayad, Abdulrahman Researcher (Hamad Medical Corporation) Robotics
Brunet, Jean-Nicolas PhD Student (Inria Strasbourg) Particle-based dynamics
Cotin, Stephane Lead Researcher (Inria, Strasbourg) Physics simulation
Courtecuisse, Hadrien Researcher (CNRS, Strasbourg) Robotics
Dall’Alba, Diego Researcher (University Verona) Medical imaging
Delingette, Hervé Lead Researcher (Inria, Sophia-Antipolis) Physics simulation
Duriez, Christian Lead Researcher (Inria, Lille) Soft-robotics
Gaugry, Thierry Researcher (Inria, Rennes) Interactive graphics
Goffin, Laurent Researcher (CNRS, Strasbourg) Vision, image processing
Goury, Olivier Researcher (Inria, Lille) Soft-robotics
Hamze, Noura Researcher (University Innsbruck) Physics simulation
Harder, Matthias Lead Researcher (University Innsbruck) Haptics
Hockings, Nick Researcher (CSIRO) Robotics
Horsch, Johannes Researcher (Fraunhofer IPA) Physics simulation
Krewcun, Camille PhD Student (University Clermont) Physics simulation
Lin, Meichun PhD Student (Inria, Lille) Soft-robotics
Marchal, Damien Engineer (CNRS, Lille) UI, Python, Robotics
Mendizabal, Andréa PhD Student (Inria Strasbourg) Coupling AI and simulation
Navkar, Nikhil V. Researcher (Hamad Medical Corporation) Robotics
Ohannessian, Gorune Researcher (American University of Beirut) Robotics
Peterlik, Igor Researcher (Inria, Strasbourg) Physics simulation
Peters, Jorg Researcher (University Florida) Interactive graphics
Pusch, Tim Researcher (Fraunhofer IPA) Physics simulation
Schegg, Pierre PhD Student (Inria, Lille) Soft-robotics
Tagliabue, Eleonora PhD Student (University Verona) Robotics
Trivisonne, Raffaella PhD Student (Inria Strasbourg) Data assimilation
Turkiyyah, George Researcher (American University of Beirut) Robotics
Vanneste, Felix PhD Student (Inria, Lille) Soft-robotics
Younes, Georges Researcher (Hamad Medical Corporation) Robotics

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