Welcome in the SOFA community


Thank you for installing SOFA

The SOFA Team is pleased to welcome you in the community. Here are a few tips to get you started:
– The SOFA User Documentation will tell you everything about what is SOFA, how it works and how to build a simulation.
– The SOFA Doxygen API will provide technical details to the developers wanting to program with or into SOFA.

We are a pretty active team, available every day on Discord, GitHub and on the SOFA Discussions forum. Come say hi 😉

Finally, let’s not forget that SOFA is an open-source project with full-time engineers working hard to make it always better!

Recurring and one-time donations will significantly help the SOFA Consortium improving the documentation and the tutorials, adding more tests and examples, providing support to all users of the open-source community and working on sustained development toward roadmap objectives.

Support the SOFA project with a donation

The SOFA Consortium is administratively hosted by Inria, as part of the non-profit InriaSoft mission. Inria and its Foundation handle your donations for the SOFA initiative so that the consortium can fullfill its mission. Your donation is tax-deductible (66%) in France.

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