Last month, the second edition of the international SOFA Week took place in Paris from the 18th to the 22nd November 2019. This year again, the event was a real success according to the community. Open and free, this SOFA Week is designed to gather the entire SOFA community, to present technological and scientific advances, while fostering the networking within the community.

Training session

To start the SOFA week, a training session proposed a wide introduction to SOFA and its community while ensuring the mathematical, physical and computer science backgrounds in order to start in the best conditions with SOFA. This training day welcomed 9 participants coming from 5 different countries.

9 training participants from 5 different countries

Such training sessions are regularly organized in order to ease the first steps of new users. The training focuses on the SOFA main principles, the community, theoretical backgrounds on physics simulation, hands-on user and developer tutorials. In case you are interested in a training, give a look at the upcoming sessions.

International Symposium

Researchers and companies from the SOFA community joined the Symposium in order to share ideas, experiences and to present their on-going research or products based on SOFA. With five different sessions, a total of 20 oral presentations and booths for live demonstrations, 70 participants in Paris and more than 100 YouTube online attendeesthe SOFA Symposium is the annual opportunity to meet the community, discuss projects and build new collaborations! More than 70 researchers and companies from 11 different countries took part to the Symposium event in Paris. More than 100 single viewers remotely followed the event through the YouTube live stream. This corresponds to an increase of 27% compared to the 2018 edition. We are excited to see the resulting collaborations to come!

All photos are available online.
All presentations are available online.
All talks were recorded, and watch anytime in our YouTube playlist:

Symposium video playlist

Award ceremony

For the first time, an open-source award program was organized to reward the best open source SOFA contributions. Closing the SOFA Symposium, the award ceremony offered two prizes:

  • Prize of the Organization Committee: Damien Marchal for his lead on SofaPython3
  • Public’s prize: Olivier Goury for his ModelOrderReduction plugin

Read more about the SOFA Awards on the dedicated article here.

Plugin session

Researchers from the community provided an advanced introduction to specific plugins: Model Order Reduction plugin and the SofaPython3 plugin. This session allows to efficiently learn how to use plugin technologies and to broaden the use of these plugins. Never hesitate to propose your own (open or closed) plugins for these plugin sessions!

STC#8: Technical Committee

The week ended with the SOFA Technical Committee #8. This bi-annual technical committee governs and takes all technical decisions for the roadmap towards upcoming releases.

Open and free, the STC is the occasion for all SOFA developers to meet and discuss the on-going and future developments in SOFA. It is therefore a unique opportunity to get closer from the dev community and code all together during the coding sprint session. A summary of the STC#8 will soon be made available online (see the roadmap page).

Let’s organize this again in 2020!