SOFA v17.06


What’s new in SOFA v17.06

Cleans and fixes

This release is massively oriented on cleans and fixes all around SOFA with almost 50% of all merged pull-requests. The integration scheme for Quaternion, the mouse picking on MechanicalObjects, Sphere shaders and much more: all these are fixed.
See clean and fix related pull-requests.

New: load images with CImgPlugin

A dedicated plugin has been created for image loading based on CImg. This plugin will replace the ImageQt class.
See related pull-request.

New: add 3D objects in your scene

The SceneCreator plugin now permits to add basic 3D object (Cube, Cylinder, Plane). They can be either rigid or deformable.
See related pull-request.

Improved: SofaPython plugin

Python scene writing has been simplified. No more need to restart runSofa to refresh a scene using Python.
See related pull-requests.

Improved: Logger API

The msg_* API has been improved to be easier to implement and more efficient for the end-user. Documentation has been updated.
See related pull-requests.

SOFA v17.06 activity

Our beloved contributors

115 new topics on forum
92 merged pull-requests
47 closed issues
5 new contributors

Spotlight on Erik Pernod

Erik Pernod is a software engineer focused on C++ development, biomechanical modelling and medical surgery simulation.

He started his work in simulation with SOFA in 2008 as a research engineer of the Inria research team Asclepios. During two years, he developed algorithms on dynamic topology operations, cardiac electrophysiological models, meshloaders factory and haptic device plugin. An example of these first electrophysiology simulations is available here.

From 2012 to 2016, Erik took the lead of the R&D team at Belcurves Technologies in Nice. He was then in charge of multiple 3D modeling projects involving the creationof 3D Web solutions for a virtual fitting room (WebGL, javascript) and CAD software (C++,Qt, OpenGL, WebGL) to design cloths in 3D.

Erik is now working at a SOFA freelancer ! He is actively developing Application Programming Interfaces for SOFA (C++, Qt, OpenGL). He is targetting at augmented reality applications (Unity3D, OpenCV) and website in 3D (Javascript, Three.js).
To know more about Erik, visit his personal webpage.

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