Google Benchmark for SOFA

Project Description

This application allows to benchmark SOFA simulations using Google micro-benchmarking library. SofaBenchmark is therefore an useful tool to assess performances and improve your code at a fine scale! It must be compiled along with SOFA and examples are available to get started.

GitHub repository

Benchmark Time CPU Iterations
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/8 38.1 us 38.1 us 17905
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/16 241 us 241 us 2860
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/32 1423 us 1423 us 498
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/64 8453 us 8454 us 87
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/128 44993 us 44994 us 15
BM_NarrowPhaseDetection_getDetectionOutputs/256 238668 us 238664 us 3

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