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This code is a plugin dedicated to soft tissue tearing. Only tearing on triangular surface is supported by default. Volume tearing on tetrahedral mesh need a second plugin called MeshRefinement and is still work in progress. Current TRL is between 3 and 4. (4 for surface and 3 for volume tearing) All contributions are really welcome.

GitHub repository


  • Low level api (c++ methods) is available through the objects TearingAlgorithms for surface tissue to compute the fracture path from one point to a direction. Similarly VolumeTearingAlgorithms, allows to compute the plan intersection from an elongated tetrahedron.
  • High level API is also available through SOFA components: TearingEngine and VolumeTearingEngine which can be used in a SOFA scene and will detect the fracture point and direction given a FEM component which compute the element stress.
  • Several Data are useful to control the fracture, such as:
    • seuilStress: threshold value for element stress which will mark this element as fractured
    • fractureMaxLength: maximum length of a fracture per simulation step
    • nbFractureMax: maximum number of fracture for the simulation.
  • Several scenario using the engine are provided inside the examples scenes and corresponding result screenshots are available inside the doc folder.

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