SOFA trainings


Online training sessions

The SOFA Consortium staff regularly organizes training sessions to boost your development with SOFA.

Depending on your expertise, the training can cover from the backgrounds to create your own physics simulation up to advanced technical & scientific course to create cutting-edge simulations with SOFA.

Introduction course

This training session aims at providing a wide introduction to SOFA and its community while ensuring the mathematical, physical and computer science backgrounds in order to start in the best conditions with SOFA.

Its agenda covers the following topics:

  • an overview of SOFA and its community
  • our development processes
  • examples and applications using SOFA
  • a user tutorial: to understand the principles of a SOFA simulation using both XML and python scripts
  • depending on your need/background:
    • background on numerical analysis
    • tutorial to build your own C++ plugin
Registration fees
  • academic: 500€ / participant (excl. tax.)
  • industrial: 650€ / participant (excl. tax.)
Format information
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Max. 5 participants
  • Date:
    • 4th July 2024 (online)

Advanced course

Once you made your first steps in SOFA, you might need to get a step further on specific technical or scientific topics. This advanced course is made for you.

Depending on your simulation objectives, the course can focus on various topics:

  • continuum mechanics and the Finite-Element Method (FEM)
  • collision detection
  • constraints in SOFA
  • solvers and numerical settings
  • work with the SOFA soft-robotics suite
  • development of your plugin
  • improve the performance of your simulation
Registration fees
  • 500€ / participant (excl. tax.)
Format information

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