SOFA Meetings with BigBlueButton


Here is a short tutorial for using SOFA Meetings video-conference tool.


You need a laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 4G of memory and a 2+ Ghz processor (any computer bought in the last three years should be fine), or any Chromebook with 4G of memory and a 1.5+ Ghz processor.


You must have at least a download speed of 10 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 Mbps.
To test your bandwidth, go to and press “Start”.

Connection type

We highly recommend using a wired connection (not wifi).
If connecting from wifi, you may experience periodic disconnects or gaps in your audio.


You must use a WebRTC compatible browser like Google Chrome (recommended), Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chromium, …


You must at least have headphones to avoid echo.
We strongly recommend using a headset. A headset will ensure that others can hear your voice clearly and you don’t cause echo or background noise for others. You do not need to buy an expensive one — any basic headset with a built-in microphone will work.

For the rest of this tutorial, we will be using Google Chrome.

0. [OPTIONAL] Open the browser in incognito mode.
1. Go to the meeting website with the link you received
and enter your name in this format: Firstname LASTNAME
2. To finalize your connection to the meeting, choose between “Microphone” and “Listen only” modes.
We advise choosing “Microphone”.
Your microphone will be automatically muted when entering the room.
3. If you choose “Microphone” mode, you will have to allow your browser to use your microphone.
4. Congrats, you are now in the room!
Note that your microphone is muted.
To avoid too many people speaking at the same time, we demand that you raise your hand and wait for your turn to unmute and speak.
Raising your hand is simple: click on your name > Set status > Raise

5. Once an animator hails you, you can unmute your microphone and speak.
6. Don’t forget to unraise your hand and re-mute your microphone after speaking!

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