SOFA v16.12


New features

GLSL live-coding

This new feature of live-coding with glsl allows to automatically update a shader while SOFA is running. By changing the source code of the shader, the simulation will be automatically updated. This video shows a short tutorial of this feature.

Python live-coding

Another feature of the live-coding is proposed in our v16.12 release: live-coding of Python. By changing the code in the Python script controller, the simulation will automatically updated. Follow the tutorial to discover more about it.

Geomagic compatibility

A new plugin has been introduced: the Geomagic plugin. This plugin allows for interfacing SOFA with the Geomagic haptic devices. An example is provided in the plugin to illustrate the use of such an haptic interface in a simulation. Make great use of it!

Most active contributor

Damien Marchal (Inria, Lille)

is the most active contributor for the release v16.12. Since 2009 January, Damien is a research engineer for the CNRS at University of Lille1. Damien is currently responsible for the development service of the laboratory named PADR and is working with the Inria research teams: DeFrost.

See his personal webpage.

Most innovative app

Defrost (Inria, Lille)

The Soft Robotics Toolkit is an initiative started at Harvard. Last year, their team challenged the world to push the field of soft robotics through research and design competitions. In this context, the Defrost team proposed a new framework based on SOFA. This framework aims at modeling, simulation and control of soft robots.

Read more about the project here.

Most active forum support

Jean-Nicolas Brunet (Montréal University)

Jean-Nicolas is a young master student in mathematics and computer science with very good programming skills (especially C++, OpenGL, Qt). He has a specific interest in meshless methods used on the context of physical modeling.

See his personal webpage.

Most active communication


Anatoscope is a young start-up company created in 2015 by researchers, engineers and one surgeon. Within the last six months, Anatoscope already got an article in Science&Vie and in Les Echos more recently. The start-up develops software solutions to automatically build and simulate 3D digital avatars based on medical images of patients. Anatoscope is the only solution in the world allowing advanced personalization and real-time simulation of patients.

Read all Anatoscope press activities here.

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