4-Wheel SummitXL Robot

Project Description

This work was submitted as a SOFA Award 2022 is an open source virtual twin for the SummitXL, a 4 wheels robotics platform made by Robotnik. The virtual twin is implemented following the “Prefab” principles to allow re-usability in third party projects.

GitHub repository

The key features of the digital twin implementation are:

  • modeling of the differential control of the four wheel for realistic simulations.
  • precise contact modeling for both the robot as well as the ground-to-wheels interaction for complex simulation scenarios.
  • a Sofa.Controller to control the virtual twin using ROS2. This ROS2 node follows the official SummitXL API so the twin can be controlled in the same way as the real robots.

SummitXL in SOFA allows:

  • Users to develop and test the behavior of the robots in simulation before going for real world XP
  • Users to experiment with the robot’s in situations that cannot be easily made in real-life
  • Generation of training datasets needed for AI based/machine learning controllers

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