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This is set of tools which helps users designing scenes with partitioned meshes, especially for in multi-material finite-element simulations. SOFA allows the simulation of objects with parts composed of different materials, with different stiffnesses. These require partitioned tetrahedral meshes, such that groups of elements within a single mesh, can be assigned different properties.

GitHub repository

Under GNU AfferoGPL open-source license, these are tools for building SOFA FEM models with multiple materials and organic shapes:

  • spline_organ generates swept spline surface meshes.
  • Mesh_pipeline combines multiple intersecting surface meshes to generate partitioned tetrahedral meshes.
  • demo.scn shows how to use these to build multi-material FEM models in SOFA.
  • Finger-edited.pyscn shows how to change the properties of a FEM mesh in a running SOFA simulation using a Python Script Controller.

Arbitrary surface meshes intersecting,
thus generating the partitioned tetrahedral meshes

Potential applications include building realistic anatomical/organic models as well as evolution of soft robots.

Multiple meshes combined to specify a multi-material object,
and generate the partitioned tetrahedral mesh generated

A final example shows how a swept spline surface is generated and can then be used as a component to build an ‘organic’ multi-material object. Note that many biological growth processes can be described as swept splines, hence their ‘organic’ appearance:

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