Tetrahedral Mesh Tool

Project Description

Developed by Dennis Lübke under the GNU GPL v3.0 open-source license, this open-source software is based on Qt and allows for both Windows and Linux to generate tetrahedral meshes for finite element simulation from various surface mesh formats. It also offers a fast and easy-to-use mesh viewer based on QGLViewer and allows basic mesh manipulations (currently only scaling is possible). Two different methods for tetrahedralization are possible: Delaunay Triangulation and Johnathan Shewchuk’s Isosurface Stuffing algorithm.

GitHub repository

Available features are:

  • Surface mesh import and export for *.obj, *.ply, *.off, *.stl (using trimesh2).
  • Import and export of tetrahedral meshes in (a simplified subset of the) GMSH format *.msh (compatible with the SOFA Framework).
  • Two different methods for tetrahedralization: Delaunay Triangulation (CGAL implementation) and Johnathan Shewchuk’s Isosurface Stuffing: Fast Tetrahedral Meshes with Good Dihedral Angles (implementation taken from the SOFA Framework, non-graded variant only).
  • Cutplane view for tetrahedral meshes.
  • Export the surface of a tetrahedral mesh.

Read more on the QTetramesher webpage

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