Agenda 2021


For 2021, SOFA and its community will organize and participate in several events. Meet us at any of these occasions!
You are participating to an event, do not forget to talk about SOFA!
You are organizing an event where SOFA could play a role, do not hesitate to contact us!

Event Location Date

SOFA training 1

Online Feb 9

SOFA training 2

Online March 2-4

SOFA training 3: advanced

Online March 18-19

SOFA training 4

Online April 29

Technical Committee #11

Online June 1-3

Tutorial SofTech-Rehab

Online June 17

SOFA training 5

Online July 1

CMBBE Symposium

Bonn, Germany Sept 7-9

Inria-NAFEMS Day

Online Sept 14

Tutorial MICCAI

Online Oct 1

Opensource Experience

Paris, France Nov 9


Online Nov 22-26

TIRREX project kick-off

Paris, France Dec 17

See you in 2022!

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