SOFA Week 2020


The SOFA Week is designed to gather the entire SOFA community, to present technological and scientific advances, while fostering the networking within the community. Already two successful editions in 2018 and 2019, get ready for 2020!

Save the date: 23-27 November — a 2020 edition 100% online!

Open Registration

23rd Nov 2020:   Training session

To start the SOFA week, a training session will take place to provide new users (and any interested participant) an efficient introduction to SOFA. The training focuses on the SOFA main principles, the community, theoretical backgrounds on physics simulation, hands-on user and developer tutorials.

24th Nov 2020:   International SOFA Symposium (free)

The symposium focuses on research and scientific achievements based on SOFA. This symposium allows international researchers from the SOFA community to present their scientific work, their plugins and propose live demonstrations. It is also the annual meeting where companies using SOFA can demonstrate their latest products. Finally, it is the opportunity to meet the community and create strong collaborations.

25-27th Nov 2020:   Technical committee (free)

This committee focuses on technical discussions on current and future developments in SOFA. With developers of the community and SOFA Technical Members, the technical roadmap for the next release is jointly designed. It is also a unique opportunity to meet the developer community and code all together.

Day: 23rd November 2020
Location: Online
Level: Beginner – Medium (max 8 participants)

Registration costs

  • early bird: 500€ (before the 19th October 2020)
  • regular fare: 700€ excl. tax.

This training session aims at providing a wide introduction to SOFA and its community while ensuring the mathematical, physical and computer science backgrounds in order to start in the best conditions with SOFA.


9:00 am – 10:00 am Overview of SOFA and its community
10:00 am -10:30 am Coffee – for a good start!
10:30 am – 11 am Examples of applications with SOFA
11:00 am – noon User Tutorial
noon – 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Understand physics with SOFA:
from the math to the code
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm Coffee break
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Developer Tutorial

Day: 24th November 2020
Location: Online

Researchers and companies from the SOFA community join the Symposium in order to share ideas, experiences and to present their on-going research or products based on SOFA. Several sessions of presentations will be organized regarding various simulation topics and application fields. Booths will also be made available for technology demonstrations. This international event is an exciting opportunity, fostering discussions and new collaborations!

Call for presentations and demos

To present your work at the SOFA Symposium, only two steps are required:

Program (following the Central European Time)

Download PDF program

9:00 am Online welcoming
9:15 am Introduction: SOFA Week 2020
Soft-robots Part 1:
design, inverse kinematics and beyond
9:30 am Toward simulation and design optimization of underwater anguilliform movement: case of eel-like robot Nguyen, Pho Van
9:45 am Coupling numerical deformable models in global and reduced coordinates for the simulation of the direct and inverse kinematics of soft-robots Adagolodjo, Yinoussa
10:00 am A model-based sensor fusion approach for force and shape estimation in soft robotics Navarro, Stefan
10:15 am
Break – meet with the speakers online
Numerical methods
for simulation
10:30 am Caribou : a modular library for continuum mechanics Brunet, Jean-Nicolas
10:45 am Matrix assembly in SOFA: latest results and usage Zeng, Ziqiu
11:00 am SofaGym: An OpenAI Gym API for SOFA Simulations Etienne Ménager
11:15 am
Break – meet with the speakers online (30 min)
Medical simulation
for training
11:45 am Presentation of the InSimo company Allard, Jérémie
12:00 am Initial experience of SOFA in simulators for arthroscopic surgery and vascular intervention Choi, Jaeson
12:15 pm Simulation future in SiMedix Behnam, Binesh
12:30 am
Lunch & Online networking (45 min)
1:15 pm SOFA international community & presentation of the SOFA Awards
VR, haptics
and interactions
1:30 pm A simulation platform for early haptic training in surgical and medical education Bouchigny, Sylvain
1:45 pm Highlighting SOFA through Unity3D: cutting, carving and haptic rendering in VR Pernod, Erik
2:00 pm Presentation of the Follou company: the Haptic Avatar Olsson, Fredrik
2:15 pm
Break – meet with the speakers online
Soft-robots Part 2:
new models and approaches
2:30 pm Implementing dynamic active constraints for safe remote robotic surgery using SOFA De I. Reyzabal, Mikel
2:45 pm Real-time simulation and control of soft robots with self-collisions using model order reduction for contact forces Goury, Olivier
3:00 pm A new simulation framework for soft magnetic tools in medical applications Boehler, Quentin
3:15 pm
Break – meet with the speakers online
From patient- specific planning,
towards autonomous procedures
3:30 pm Learning anatomical attachments from simulated data Tagliabue, Eleonora
3:45 pm Stent expansion simulation and experimental validation Krewcun, Camille
4:00 pm
Break – meet with the speakers online
4:15 pm Deformation aware augmented reality for brain surgery Haouchine, Nazim
4:30 pm Multilevel autonomy human-machine interface in intraluminal robotic surgery Finocchiaro, Martina
4:45 pm Shared control strategy for percutaneous procedures using inverse simulation Baksic, Paul
5:00 pm Award Ceremony 2020
5:15 pm Futures developments in SOFA: introduction of the STC#10
5:30 pm Closing of the Symposium

Program Committee

  • Alexandre Bilger (Symgery)
  • Nazim Haouchine (SPL, Harvard)
  • Damien Marchal (CNRS)
  • Hugo Talbot (SOFA consortium)
Organizing committee

  • Hugo Talbot
  • Guillaume Paran

2020 edition

2019 edition

Day: 25-27th November 2020
Location: Online
Level: Medium – Advanced

The week will close with the 10th SOFA Technical Committee. This technical committee governs and takes all technical decisions for the roadmap towards upcoming releases. It is open and free to all!


Day 1 Wednesday 25th November
9:00 am Online welcoming
9:15 am – 9:30 am Consortium news
9:30 am – 12:30 am

Last 6 months activity

Share your latest work (since June 2020)

  • Opening private code: strategy and effects on SOFA
  • Defrost plugins: Cosserat, ModelOrderReduction

Review v20.12 Roadmap

  • Packaging: CI/CD, Modularization, Python
  • SofaPython3
  • SofaQtQuick
12:30 pm – 1:15 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Next 6 months activity

Share your future work (until June 2021)

  • Smoothed particle based living tissue simulator

Define v21.06 Roadmap
Define together tasks and subtasks for the next 6 months

  • Reworking matrices?
  • SOFA-NG next steps?
  • runSofa2?
5:00 pm End of Day 1

Day 2 Thursday 26th November
9:30 am – noon Coding sprint and technical discussions
See tasks on GitHub
noon – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Coding sprint and technical discussions
5:00 pm End of Day 2

Day 3 Friday 27th November
9:30 am – noon Coding sprint and technical discussions
See tasks on GitHub
noon – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Coding sprint and technical discussions
5:00 pm Closing STC#10

This year again, the SOFA consortium has the pleasure to organize the Open-Source SOFA Awards!

All contributions are eligible for application: it can be an open-source plugin, a pull-request on GitHub, a video, a tutorial or documentation pages! Two award categories are open for competition:

Organizers’ Prize
Prize: 600€
Public Prize
Prize: 400€

The call for the SOFA awards is open until the 16th of November 2020. Any contribution – as long it is open – will be rewarded at the SOFA Week 2020. Winners will be announced during the Symposium on 24th November.

Apply for the SOFA Awards 2020


runSofa2 Marques, Bruno A much needed new graphical interface for interactive modeling and execution of SOFA
Cosserat model Adagolodjo, Yinoussa Cosserat model has been introduced in continuum robotics to simulate the deformation the robot body whose geometry and mechanical characteristics are similar to a rod. By extension, this model can be used to simulate needles and sutures or wires. This model can be used to model and control concentric tube robots, continuum robots actuated with cables, or pneumatic soft robots with a constant cross-section.
Soft-rigid interaction tutorial Tagliabue, Eleonora Simulations involving colliding objects are among the most difficult to set-up, and understanding the options available within SOFA is not straightforward, especially if you are taking your first steps with the framework. Probe-tissue-interaction provides reference simulations for modelling the interaction between a rigid and a soft object. The repository contains simulation scenes modelling the same exact scenario (1) using penalty forces, (2) using constraints and (3) prescribing surface displacement. Additional How-To for setting up scenes and tips are provided!
Sofa RHI Roy, Frédérick Rendering Hardware Interface API for SOFA. Render your simulation using either OpenGL ES, Direct3D 11, Metal or Vulkan with SOFA.
Geomagic plugin improvements Pernod, Erik A set of PR have been made this year to improve the handling of Geomagic device, fix various bad behaviors and allow multiple device handling (#1366 , #1378, #1435, #1438, #1533). Some work has also been done to add tests on LCPForceFeedBack component (#1576, #1581).
Plastic beam element Krewcun, Camille An extension to the BeamFEMForceField component, which implements a plastic mechanical behavior. This allows to model materials which are able to undergo permanent deformation such as metals. The underlying mechanical computation is based on a Von Mises-Hill plasticity model, and the nonlinear mechanics are solved with a radial return algorithm. This component was originally developed to simulate coronary stent deployment.


Aichele, Fabian Software engineer –, Germany Robotics
Allard, Jérémie CTO – InSimo, France Medical simulation
Auvert, Marine Project leader – Conectus, France Technology transfer
Behnam, Binesh Technical manager – Simedix, Iran Medical simulation
Bessard, Rémi Engineer – IHU/Inria, France Medical simulation
Bianco, Rohan-Jean Co-Founder – Philomec Inc., France Mechanical simulation
Bonnet, Arnaud Engineer – Altran, Deutschland Consulting
Bilger, Alexandre Engineer – Symgery, Canada Medical simulation
Dara, Shayda Software architect – LossOfGenerality, Ireland Computational classnotes
Fontaine, Olivier COO – VirtualiSurg, France Medical simulation
Forest, Clément Research lead – CAE, Canada Medical simulation
Gaind, Shromm Independent developer, Australia Medical simulation
Hamze, Noura Research engineer – MED-EL, Austria Medical manufacturer
Harel, Amnon System architect – Simbionix, Israel Medical simulation
Jourdes, François Research lead – InSimo, France Medical simulation
Kowalski, Marcin Business Developer – Ready4S, France Dev, consulting
Laan, Dick R&D project leader – VanDeVelde, Belgium Cloth design
Lenoir, Julien Senior Developer – SenseGraphics, Sweden Medical simulation
Louis, Jacques CEO – Innovations Sans Frontieres, France Management consulting
McGraw, Samuel Engineer – Cayuse Technologies, USA Small business administration
Montoya Muñoz, Angela M. Engineer – Studa, Colombia Medical device
Mourglia, Charly Engineer – DigiNext, USA Small business administration
Nesme, Matthieu CTO – Anatoscope, France Patient-specific anatomy
Ni, Cheng Engineer – Belimed AG, Switzerland Medical devices
Olsson, Fredrik CEO – Follou, Sweden Haptic interfaces
Olsson, Jenny Engineer – Follou, Sweden Haptic interfaces
Pernod, Erik CEO – InfinyTech3D, France VR, Physics simulation
Spadoni, Federico Engineer – IndieDev, France Physics simulation
Shokouhfar, Shahram Engineer – Symgery, Canada Medical simulation
Song, Yuyang Tech leader – Toyota, USA Soft-robotics
Tournier, Maxime Dev leader – Anatoscope, France Patient-specific anatomy
Velásquez, Jhon J. CEO – Studa, Colombia Medical device


Adagolodjo, Yinoussa Postdoc – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Ali, Ahmad Researcher – Queen Mary University of London, UK Control and Mechanics
Aliyari, Dina Master Student – Tehran University London, Iran Medical simulation
Arikan, Kaan PhD Student – University of Western Ontario, Canada Biomechanics
Arico, Mario Researcher – Sorbonne University, France Robotics
Badie, Saad Master Student – Al-Nahrain University, Iraq Physics simulation
Baksic, Paul PhD Student – University of Strasbourg, France Medical robotics
Ben-Ahmed, Sabrina MD, PhD – Mines / CHU Saint-Etienne, France Vascular surgeon
Boehler, Quentin Senior researcher – ETH Zurich, Switzerland EM, soft-robotics
Bouchigny, Sylvain Researcher – CEA LIST, France Haptic interface
Bounik, Zahra PhD Student – Sahand Univ. of Technology, Iran Physics simulation
Brunet, Jean-Nicolas Engineer – Inria Strasbourg, France FEM, Physics simulation
Cakmak, Kaan Student – Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University, Turkey Simulation
Carrez, Bruno Engineer – Inria Lille, France Architecture, C++
Chapuis, Maxime PhD Student – LIRMM, France Medical simulation
Chellali, Amine Researcher – Univeristé d’Evry, France VR, electrophysiology
Ching Ting, Chang PhD Student – Cardiff University, UK Medical simulation
Choi, Jaeson Professor – Asan Medical Center, South Korea Medical simulation
Choi, Ju-Eun Student – University of Ulsan, South Korea Medical simulation
Civilla, Lorenzo Master Student – Politecnico di Milano, Italy Medical robotics
Coevoet, Eulalie Engineer – University of Naples Federico II, Italy Soft-robotics
Cotin, Stéphane Research Director – Inria Strasbourg, France Medical simulation
Courtecuisse, Hadrien Researcher – ICube CNRS, France Simulation, robotics
David, Vivek C. Student – IISER Thiruvananthapuram, India Computer sciences
Davila, Mariel PhD Student – UAEM, Mexico Soft-robotics
Deimel, Raphael PostDoc – Vienna UT, Austria Soft-robotics
De I. Reyzabal, Mikel PhD Student – King’s College London, UK Soft-robotics
Deshpande, Saurabh PhD Student – University Luxembourg, Luxembourg Medical simulation
Desrues, Gaetan PhD Student – Inria Sophia-Antipolis, France Electrophysiology simulation
Deutsch, Ari Student – Monash University, USA Mechatronics
Devin, Kirstie PhD Student – University of Southampton, UK FEA, Biomechanics
Diaz León, Christian A Research Director – EAFIT, Colombia Medical simulation
Dresp, Birgitta Research Director – University of Strasbourg, France Vision, perception
Dreyfus, Roland PhD Student – ETH Zurich, Switzerland EM, soft-robotics
Ducrocq, Julien PhD Student – UPJV, France Soft-robotics
Duprez, Michel Researcher – Inria Strasbourg, France Applied mathematics
Duriez, Christian Research Director – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Ergun, Serkan PhD Student – Klagenfurt University, Austria Soft-robotics
Escaida, Stefan Postdoc – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Faller, Lisa-Marie Professor – Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria Sensors, robotics
Ferrentino, Pasquale PhD Student – Vrije Universiteit of Brussels, Belgium Soft-robotics
Finocchiaro, Martina PhD Student – Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain Medical simulation
Fogarollo, Stefano PhD Student – Innsbruck University, Austria Soft-robotics
Forouhar, Moein Researcher – FEL Prague University, Czech Rep. Soft-robotics
Frisken, Sarah Assistant Professor – Harvard Med. BWH, USA Image-guided neurosurgery
Gao, Ruilang Engineer – University Florida, USA Medical simulation
Gaugry, Thierry Engineer – INSA Rennes, France UI, Python
Goury, Olivier Researcher – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Haferssas, Ryadh Postdoc – Inria Strasbourg, France Linear algebra
Haouchine, Nazim Postdoc – SPL – Harvard Medical School – BWH, USA Vision, simulation
Hernansanz, Albert PhD Student – Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain Medical simulation
Hockings, Nick Researcher – CSIRO, Australia SPH modeling, GPU
Hussien, Haitham Senior Research Fellow – University of Salford, UK Soft-robotics
Ibrahim, Khaled Researcher – FH Kaernten, Austria Control systems
Ince, Ozgur Researcher – Okan University, Turkey Healthcare management
Jaillet, Fabrice Researcher – Université Lyon 1 / LIRIS, France Medical simulation
Jia, Fucang Professor – Shenzhen IAT, China Computer-aided intervention
Kaan, Arikan PhD Student – University of Waterloo, Canada Mechanics
King, Jonathan PhD Student – Carnegie Mellon University, USA Robotics
Krewcun, Camille PhD Student – University Clermont Auvergne, France Medical simulation
Kyosev, Yordan Professor – TU Dresden, Germany Soft-robotics
Laurent, Guillaume Researcher – FEMTO-ST, France Soft-robotics
Lecomte, François PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France IA, simulation
Lee, EunHye Student – Asan Medical Center, South Korea Medical simulation
Leveziel, Maxence PhD Student – Femto-ST, France Soft-robotics
Li, Shijie PhD Student – Université Polytechnique HdF, France Soft-robotics
Liu, Jun Researcher – IHPC, A*STAR, Singapore Soft body mechanics
MacKeith, Arthur Research Assistant – TTIC, USA Soft-robotics
Marchal, Damien Lead Engineer – CNRS, France UI, Python, Robotics
Marchal, Maud Researcher – INSA Rennes/IRISA, France Simulation, interaction
Marques, Bruno Engineer – Inria Lille, France Python, UI
Martinez, Roque Student – CSU Chico, USA Medical simulation
Marzi, Christian PhD Student – KIT, Germany Medical simulation
Mazier, Arnaud PhD Student – University Luxembourg, Luxembourg Physics simulation
Mele, Christian Master Student – University of Waterloo, Canada Biomechanics
Ménager, Etienne PhD Student – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Mendizabal, Andrea PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France IA, simulation
Mestdagh, Guillaume PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France Numerical methods
Morvan, Micks PhD Student – EPHE – Inserm, France Immunology simulation
Nardi, Agnese Engineer – Politecnico di Milano, Italy Biomedical engineering
Nguyen, Nhan PhD Student – JAIST, Japan Soft-robotics
Nguyen, Van Pho PhD Student – JAIST, Japan Soft-robotics
Nikolaev, Sergei PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France Optimization, simulation
Odot, Alban PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France IA, simulation
Parra, Andres PhD Student – Universidad Politénica Madrid, Spain Robotics
Palumbo, Maria Chiara PhD Student – Politecnico di Milano, Italy Robotics simulation
Péan, Fabien PhD Student – ETH Zurich, Switzerland Medical simulation
Peng, Yu PhD Student – Beihang University, China Medical simulation
Pery, Emilie Researcher – University Clermont Auvergne, France Biomedical optics
Peters, Jorg Researcher – University Florida, USA Medical simulation
Poliakov, Vladimir PhD Student – KU Leuven, Belgium Robotics
Pore, Amey PhD Student – University of Verona, Italy Robotics
Pozzoli, Alessio Engineer – Politecnico di Milano, Italy Optics, lasers
Pusch, Tim Engineer – Fraunhofer IPA, Germany IA, simulation
Rakhmetova, Evelina PhD Student – University of Verona, Italy Medical robotics
Ricca, Aylen PhD Student – IBISC Lab Université Saclay, France VR, haptics
Rivas, Ricardo Master Student – UNAM, Mexico Medical simulation
Rongrong, Liu Postdoc – University of Strasbourg, France Vision, perception
Sadati, S.M.Hadi Postdoc – King’s College London, UK Robotics
Sandoval, Antonio MBA – PUCP, Peru Administration
Sangeun Researcher – Asan Medical Center, South Korea Medical simulation
Schegg, Pierre PhD Student – Inria Lille, France IA, soft-robotics
Scheikl, Paul Maria PhD Student – KIT, Germany Soft-robotics
Schreck, Camille Researcher – Inria Nancy, France Interactive simulation
Shabani, Majid PhD Student – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy Soft-robotics
Singh, Shantanu PhD Student – Tel Aviv University, Israel Robotics
Soudah, Eduardo Engineer – CIMNE UPC, Spain Blood flow, aneurysm
Suruagy Perrusi, Pedro Engineer – Inria Strasbourg, France Medical simulation
Tabrizian, Seyedreza PhD Student – Vrije Universiteit of Brussels, Belgium Soft-robotics
Tagliabue, Eleonora PhD Student – University of Verona, Italy Medical simulation
Tonkens, Sander Grad Student – Stanford University, USA Soft-robotics
Tymkovych, Maksym Researcher – Kharkiv National University, Ukraine Robotics, electronics
Villard, Pierre-Frédéric Researcher – Loria, France Biomechanics, VR
Winhell Researcher – Nanchang University, China Medical simulation
Xun, Lingxiao PhD Student – Inria Lille, France Soft-robotics
Ying Wu, Jie PhD Student – Johns Hopkins University, USA Data-driven simulation
Young PhD Student – Shanghai Jiaotong University, China IA
Zara, Florence Researcher – Université Lyon 1 / LIRIS, France Medical simulation
Zeng, Ziqiu PhD Student – Inria Strasbourg, France Linear algebra
Zhang, Doudou PhD Student – TU Dresden, Germany Soft-robotics

Consortium staff

Paran, Guillaume Engineer – SOFA Consortium, France Architecture, DevOps
Roy, Frederick Engineer – SOFA Consortium, France Visualization, achitecture
Talbot, Hugo Engineer – SOFA Consortium, France Community, Physics

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